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Re: update-grub causes a system lockup

On 1/12/21 12:47 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> On 1/12/21 1:39 AM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
>> I made a few minor edits to /etc/default/grub and then :
>> root@ceres:~# update-grub
>> [  303.211729] watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 22s!
>> [grub-probe:261]
>> [  303.306793] Modules linked in: sg(E) envctrl(E) display7seg(E)
>> flash(E) fuse(E) configfs(E) ip_tables(E) x_tables(E) autofs4(E) ext4(E)
>> crc16(E) mbcache(E) jbd2(E) crc32c_generic(E) sd_mod(E) t10_pi(E)
>> crc_t10dif(E) crct10dif_generic(E) crct10dif_common(E) ata_generic(E)
>> pata_cmd64x(E) sym53c8xx(E) libata(E) scsi_transport_spi(E) scsi_mod(E)
>> sunhme(E)
>> (...)
>> Also this has been happening for months.
> I would suggest installing a 4.x kernel and see if that helps. I know that
> 5.x kernels can be a bit unstable on certain older SPARC machines.
> If the issue goes away with an older kernel, try bisecting to find the commit
> that introduced the issue.
> Either way, it's good to have something which allows to reproduce the bug.

I was thinking that the architecture may be the issue. The age I mean.
So I dragged out a newer Oracle T4 unit to try. I have no idea what will
happen with the newer unit and have never tried to run the installer via
the new SP/console serial interface but will give it a try.


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