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Re: Information about blade 2500 and ultra 45

Hi John!

On 3/27/20 5:54 PM, John Kleiver Contreras García wrote:
> Hello, first of all, thanks for maintaining Debian on the Sparc Arch, secondly,
> I wish to know the current status of Debian on the aforementioned machines
> (blade 2500 silver and ultra 45), both of them have dual CPU's, the blade 2500
> have a xvr 100 and the ultra 45 have a xvr 2500 (of which I heard that there is
> no drivers, so no Xorg), have someone used these machines with Debian before,

I don't see any particular reason why these shouldn't work. I have an Ultra 45
myself, but I haven't installed Debian on it so far.

> and if there are drivers or a workaround for getting it to work with Xorg,
> thanks for your time and dedication

If the built-in graphics card is not supported, I assume you should just
be able to use a normal PCI/PCI-X graphics card.

Use this image [1].


> [1] https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/2019-07-16/

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