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Re: Latest netinst iso

On 08/06/2018 07:55 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 08/06/2018 05:01 PM, Fred wrote:
I am the original poster for this thread.  I tried installing the NETINST.iso and also had a problem.  The U10 has an HP DVD drive in it.  The install CD seemed to load ok and the installer started.  When it got to the detecting hardware function it decided that no cdrom drive was installed and would not proceed. I am going to install the original Sun cdrom drive and try again when I have time.
I need the exact error message and I need the output of "dmesg" and "lspci"
on this particular machine. It might just be that we are not enabling the
driver for your PATA/SATA controller.


Hi Adrian,
I can provide the messages if you tell me how to get them. The installer didn't get very far, only asking for locale before going into detecting cdrom hardware.

Best regards,

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