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Re: updaing to grub on sparc64

Could you please have this discussion in a separate thread and not hi-jack Chris’ thread for that?


> On Jun 10, 2018, at 2:09 PM, louis ayotte <pocketpc2004@live.ca> wrote:
> If a solution is found for this xvr-100 to work properly, i will try again my xvr-300 on t5220 to confirm (as i also had driver issues, always stuck at vga, low colors).
> Thanks!
> Louis
>> Le 10 juin 2018 à 06:50, Phillip Stevens <phillip.stevens@gmail.com> a écrit :
>> Following on from my Ultra10 Sparc64 migration story, I've finally had
>> time to install a XVR-100 graphics adapter.
>> It all works pretty straight forward, by configuring it in OpenBoot correctly.
>> The XVR-100 boot logo looks very nice!
>> But there is a problem with the radeonfb kernel driver, because
>> several BAR regions can't be assigned. I guess it stops trying
>> different regions when it gets to BAR 6.
>> And, I guess because of this, later during the boot process the
>> radeonfb driver points out that it can't read the ROM nor can it
>> assign BAR 6.
>> Possibly these are the root cause of why when the xserver loads the
>> radeon driver, and then it doesn't get a match so it then unloads and
>> bails out, leaving no screen.
>> I have posted some screen images here, for reference.
>> https://feilipu.me/2018/04/14/old-sunshine-migrating-ultra5-to-sparc64/
>> Any thoughts on how to fix this?
>> Where is the best place to file a bug report?
>> Cheers, Phillip

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