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Re: updaing to grub on sparc64

Following on from my Ultra10 Sparc64 migration story, I've finally had
time to install a XVR-100 graphics adapter.
It all works pretty straight forward, by configuring it in OpenBoot correctly.
The XVR-100 boot logo looks very nice!

But there is a problem with the radeonfb kernel driver, because
several BAR regions can't be assigned. I guess it stops trying
different regions when it gets to BAR 6.

And, I guess because of this, later during the boot process the
radeonfb driver points out that it can't read the ROM nor can it
assign BAR 6.

Possibly these are the root cause of why when the xserver loads the
radeon driver, and then it doesn't get a match so it then unloads and
bails out, leaving no screen.

I have posted some screen images here, for reference.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?
Where is the best place to file a bug report?

Cheers, Phillip

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