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updaing to grub on sparc64

This list was discussing grub on sparc64 recently, and IIRC, was suggesting that
that should now be the recommended bootloader.  I loaded silo on the disk I
installed earlier this year, but was expecting to use grub when I get it booting
off of ZFS (or mostly ZFS).  I am trying to install grub onto my one-disk
prototype system that I have silo on now.  Is it any harder than just
"apt install grub-ieee1275", then "grub-install /dev/sdd"?  And for a sun
disk with /boot on sdd1 and / on sdd2, should I target grub-install to
sdd1 or sdd2 (assuming that /dev/sdd, despite my mention above, is likely to
not work on sparc)?  And which partition should I point OBP to load?
IIRC, it's loading just sdd now with/for silo, so the root of /dev/sdd1.

I'll be experimening with this momentarily, just thought I'd ask in case there
were pointers already somewhere I hadn't found.  Google for debian sparc mostly
talks about silo, obviously, since that was the normal choice.


           - Chris

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