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Re: Debian SPARC on SPARC M7?

On 04/09/2016 01:39 AM, Bryce wrote:
> (note: I'd to manually drop to >a shell and modprobe -v sunvdc and sunvnet).

So, apparently, you're the first one to actually test the fixes that
came with the latest image because this image was supposed to fix that
very issue and I hoped that people affected by this issue would test

> https://lists.debian.org/debian-sparc/2016/03/msg00017.html

But since this didn't happen, I didn't have any chance to review this
issue and make any improvements.

> I got most of the way
> through the installer to the "Install the base system' task but it blows
> out there because it gets upset about signatures and signing keys

Just do a real minimal instllation, don't install any extra
packages as this isn't really easily possible at the moment.

> But on the plus side the kernel is alive and I still have a working shell....

That's actually the only information relevant to the M7, the rest
are generic issues.

> Ok thats not gonna fly anytime soon so lets try the
> debian-9.0-sparc64-NETINST-1.iso image. Again need to load sunvdc and
> sunvnet by hand in the shell before installing but thats just minor
> problem when using LDM to create a linux instance (as long as you know
> about it!)

Again, this is something that I need other people to test. I don't have
any modern SPARC machines available that requires these modules. All
I have is an old Sun Blade 100.

> Ok,.. so far so good,.. now installing packages,...
> -parp-
>          ┌───────────────┤ [!!] Select and install software

Yeah, again, that doesn't really work. Unless sparc64 becomes
an official architecture, this will always be problematic.

> Close but no cigar.
> Ok,.. well we have SOMETHING on the disk so lets close out the Silo
> installation step...

Yes, that's what you actually should do. Just finish the installation by
installing SILO and install more software after rebooting into the

> SILO Version 1.4.14
> boot:
> Linux                    LinuxOLD     
> endless looping of
> (...)
> at a guess I thik this is because the system is running in an ldm and
> hasn;t caught on that it needs to load the sunvdc sunvnet modules
> that'll be a udev item
> (...)
> yeap,.. no sunv* modules hence the initrd is probably the same
> (...)
> BUT keep in mind this is a T7-1 and that the kernel is runnniing, I have
> a shell and I can almost do stuff 8)
> So,.. the answer to your original question is ... "'kinda' we need to
> make a tweak for next ISO for LDM abusers"

No, we don't. All we need is people actually testing the new images
I created on the hardware I don't own. If I had known that the two
modules are still missing, I would have probably already fixed it.


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