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Re: Debian SPARC on SPARC M7?

Since I assume that current 4.4.x kernels already support M7, you should also be able to run Debian's sparc64 port since it comes with that kernel.

However, since I have never even seen an M7 in real life, I can't really tell.

You might just try to install it in an Linux LDOM.


On Apr 8, 2016, at 8:09 PM, Joe <confirmed101@yahoo.com> wrote:

    Hi there everyone, I was wondering, will the Debian SPARC port, as it is now, run on the new SPARC M7 processor that just came out from Oracle? I've heard a lot about this processor, and it's supposed to be quite groundbreaking, and I am intrigued. I know this might not be the best place to ask this, but I've scoured the net and can't find an answer.

    Thanks so much, looking forward to a reply. I've been following the Debian SPARC mailing lists for several months now and haven't heard anything about the M7 here, so I would love to hear whats up with it.


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