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Re: Sparc32 Love?

Knut Petter Ølberg a écrit :
Really a pitty, as I would really like to continue to run a updated
debian ldom on my T5140 (sorry about offtopic with regards to sparc32).
I guess the problem here wasn't really access to hardware but lack of
manpower to do the porting?

Don't forget that Sun^WOracle does not provide all required informations (and errata due to silicon bugs) to have a stable kernel. On sun4v, only Solaris and maybe OpenBSD run fine. Some efforts are done in NetBSD to support sun4v, but kernel is not ready. Sparc32, UI and U2 specs are public but for UIII, only UIII+/Cu and errata are public (not UIII specs). I never seen any UIV doc. For sun4v, I don't have all required docs to try to fix actual issues.

Of course, porting is difficult due to lack of manpower, lack of sparc64 arch knowledge, lack of documentation and lack of hardware. To port Linux (or NetBSD or all other OS to sun4u/us/v), Oracle has to support this effort and Oracle does not.



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