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Re: problem booting Debian on X1

Oh, I was just reading the manual for silo. What I wrote was not entirely correct:

       The program /sbin/silo is used to install the  first  stage  loader  by
       copying  the  right  first  stage loader into the bootblock (unless the
       correct first stage is already installed and the -f option is not  used
       to  force it), writes the block number of the first block of the second
       stage loader (usually /boot/second.b) into it and into the second stage
       loader  it  records  all the block numbers of second.b and the name and
       location of the configuration file. The configuration  file  itself  is
       parsed by the boot loader at boot time. See silo.conf(5) for details.
       This  means that the /sbin/silo program must be run only if you install
       a new version of SILO or if you move the second  stage  loader  on  the
       disk.  Unlike the LILO bootloader on the Intel platform, you don't have
       to rerun it every time you make a change into  /etc/silo.conf  or  when
       you install new kernels.

       (if  the  second
       stage  loader is moved away or is crippled it might actually print less
       letters  from  that  string  and  die).

If you recently modified the layout of the disks, perhaps you need to just run 'silo' again to make sure that 'second.b' can be found?

On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 4:26 PM, Jeremy Kister <debian-sparc@jeremykister.com> wrote:
On 7/21/2014 4:59 PM, Patrick Baggett wrote:
please correct me if I am mistaken!] In that case, perhaps you could
backup the old `silo` binary and replace it with the newest one? I would
think that if you had a USB port you could do this pretty easily using a
flash drive (perhaps PCI USB card + flash drive, like I had in my Ultra
10), but if not, you might be able to utilize tftp and pull it from a
server using BusyBox.

Worth a shot.  I don't have local access to the machine at the moment (just network+console).  it does have network, though.  do you happen to know where the newest silo binary is?  i'm searching now.


Jeremy Kister

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