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Re: Sun T1000 noise level

On Wed, 2013-02-20 at 19:21 +1100, Stewart Smith wrote:
> Dániel Kasza <daniel@kasza.hu> writes:
> > I'm thinking about buying a Sun T1000 just to have a sparc-based
> > computer at home again. I know that these servers can be really noisy.
> > I have a walk-in closet (air conditioned, of course), so I could lock
> > the computer there, and the CPU would be idle most of the time.
> > Do you think having a T1000 running in the next room would be
> > noticeable?
> I have a T1000. It's in the garage as it was too loud *anywhere* in the
> house (only have a ground floor).
> I tried keeping it in the laundry with the door closed, still too loud
> From the rest of the house.
> Even when it's in the garage, if it's on, I'll switch it off if I go
> outside (the garage is not directly attached to the house).

Are the T1000 fan sensors supported by the Linux kernel?


Frans van Berckel

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