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Re: Sun T1000 noise level

Dániel Kasza <daniel@kasza.hu> writes:
> I'm thinking about buying a Sun T1000 just to have a sparc-based
> computer at home again. I know that these servers can be really noisy.
> I have a walk-in closet (air conditioned, of course), so I could lock
> the computer there, and the CPU would be idle most of the time.
> Do you think having a T1000 running in the next room would be
> noticeable?

I have a T1000. It's in the garage as it was too loud *anywhere* in the
house (only have a ground floor).

I tried keeping it in the laundry with the door closed, still too loud
From the rest of the house.

Even when it's in the garage, if it's on, I'll switch it off if I go
outside (the garage is not directly attached to the house).

Stewart Smith

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