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Re: SPARC daily d-i builds

Gaudenz Steinlin <gaudenz@debian.org> (11/01/2011):
> As all my attempts to find someone willing to setup d-i daily builds
> on a sparc buildd [1] failed. I'm going to give up now and will not
> bother you again until some steps up to do the necessary work or
> provide me with buildd access. I added the following note to the d-i
> daily builds overview page: Due to the lack of porter and buildd
> admin interest there are currently no daily builds for the SPARC
> architecture. These builds will be reenable as soon as someone finds
> the time to do the necessary buildd setup.
> I would also be willing to do the neccessary setup myself if someone
> provides me with the necessary access to a sparc buildd.

So, again, it's not about lack of interest, it's about lack of time.

Also, you could have pinged debian-wb-team@. I believe aba did most of
the d-i autobuilding stuff, so he might have some clue to share. I've
added this list to the loop.


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