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Re: bash performance

On Tue, 2010-10-26 at 22:26 +0300, Tarko Tikan wrote:
> hey,
> > Just for comparison purposes, the same command gives me the following on a much older Sunfire V100 (Ultrasparc IIe @ 500mhz) running Debian, and another of the same machine running Solaris 9:
> 8.5sec almost backs up my result of 11sec.

It still seems a little slow.  Have you tried compiling a version of
bash tuned for that machine?

> At 1.2GHz per core (sure, it looks like 32 cores to OS but you should still be able to use 1 of 4 cores at full speed),
Depends on the workload.  For example, for some of the work I do, 100%
CPU usage translates to 15-20% of cycles actually doing something useful
and the remaining 80-85% of the time the processor is stalled waiting on
memory or branching.  In this case you can use all four cores at 'full
speed' simultaneously.

As with all performance related things - it depends on what you are
trying to do and what about that you want to measure.

 - Martin

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