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kernel hang

Yet another hang.
I am on a sun netra T1. I cannot yet give you details, as the machine is hung some 30kms away.
What I have noticed that /proc related processes (like 'w', 'ps') hang, but not everything /proc related, for example I could login through ssh and sudo without problem.
Strace revealed that 'ps ax' hangs when trying to read /proc/nnnn/cmdline (the read() have never returned), where nnnn is the process id of an apache.
Kernel logs did not reveal anything related.
(I tried to shut it down, but it also hung, and I killed processes in the wrong order.)

I am struggling with mysterious hangs on my various suns (ultra2, netra T1, ...) since years. Shall I forget sparc altogether?
Change to Ora^H^HpenSolaris?

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