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Re: errors silo


at the first time i do :

I did an "expert" install and when I got to
"tasksel", I didn't select anything (i.e. unselected "standard").
I try to install silo in the next step in the
installation or if skipped that and chose to continue without silo,
rebooting the CD in "rescue" mode, i chose /dev/hda1, i have a shell.
i do :

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

apt-get remove silo
apt-get install silo

silo config :
nano /etc/silo.conf

entering parametres into silo.conf

siloconfig or /silo -r /boot/

fatal error: your /boot/second.b is located above the magic 1GB boundary from start of the disk
please move it down. so that silo first stage loader can load it.

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