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Re: errors silo

On 2010-05-31, Howard Eisenberger wrote:

> On 2010-05-30, philo wrote:
>> i try to install debian testing cdrom iso with version sqeeze and last...
>> the programme silo cannot install .. i have errors !
>> 1- squeeze >> between install at rubrique choise and install sofware 
>> stay blocked at silo configuration.
>> 2- last testing (i forgot the name, sorry) >> silo code error 1
>> i have an Sun ultra 5 , 40 go hdd, 512 mo ram, 360mhz.
>> before i have a bad version of xorg-xserver under debian R5....
>> i try with testing but silo doesnt work !!
> I installed testing on a small (6 GB?) IDE hdd in this ultra 5 around
> the beginning of April using "netinst" CD (with mirror) and did not 
> have a problem with silo.
> I have had the problem you describe (#1) in the past and if I recall
> correctly, I believe I did an "expert" install and when I got to
> "tasksel", I didn't select anything (i.e. unselected "standard").
> I'm not sure if I then tried to install silo in the next step in the
> installation or if skipped that and chose to continue without silo,
> rebooting the CD in "rescue" mode, and installed silo manually. 

Someone else may wish to chime in, but on second thought it might
be easier to install the basic system from the lenny CD with the
working silo, change /etc/apt/sources.list to squeeze, do "apt-get
update', "apt-get-upgrade", then install xorg and whatever else one
wants from there. I assume a highspeed internet connection.

> Bonne chance and don't give up,

Howard E.

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