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Re: output-device ID?

Hartwig Atrops wrote:

Hi Hartwig,

The method that you're using is basically correct, but it seems odd
to me that OBP is recognizing your PCI graphics card as simply "display"
and there's no "@" character in the third section of the path

I misunderstood the diag-switch? output - I am not familiar with Sun device notation. show-devs has the answer: display@0 !

Now I get the message "The selected output device has no write routine".

What to do?

Thank you.


Hi Hartwig,

I might be mistaken but I believe that means that your PCI graphics card isn't being recognized as a valid Sun graphics card by OBP. Although your graphics card might be supported under linux/sparc, you might still be stuck with using
the Sunblade 100 onboard video as the console until you can get the machine
booted into linux.

Is it a Sun PCI graphics card or one that was re-purposed from an x86 box?
If I remember correctly, early Sunblade 100's with the 3D graphics option
were originally shipped with Sun Expert3D-Lite PCI cards, and then later
on it was switched to Sun XVR-500 PCI cards. Trying to use any other cards
your luck my vary... I'm not saying that it won't work, just saying that it's not
something that Sun intended to work.


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