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Re: Sun Blade 100 - boot issue

Nataraj M Basappa wrote:
 i am new to sparc hardware, just found this isse after setting up
lenny using netboot install.
default kernal options on the stock kernel fails (see attached txt -
withoutdma.txt), if i add ide=nodma boots correctly. is this a known

I'm not an expert, but I have had Debian on a SunBlade 100 for a while. I have always needed to use the ide=nodma option to get it to boot, although the symptoms of allowing it to try DMA have varied from kernel to kernel. Usually the boot process just hangs rather than doing the kernel panic that you observe.

A machine without DMA is tiresomely slow. I started with SPARCs because I could rescue them from the pile of machines that were being retired from work. But we are now throwing out PCs which are faster than the SunBlade 100 (and on which DMA works!), so I think the time is coming when my last SPARC box will be retired.

Best of luck


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