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Re: Ultra 10 assistance

Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
Dave Barnett wrote:

I believed the issue to be the NVRAM/TOD chip, but replacing it has not changed anything. I have swapped the power supply, removed all PCI cards, and the machine continues to have some limited activity as above, but without the power light illuminated, it will not do anything visible -- i.e. nothing on the attached monitor.

Is the keyboard properly plugged in? Will it run if started with something attached to serial port A?

As far as I can tell, yes. When I power it up the lights across the top (Type 6 keyboard - num Loc, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Compose) flash on briefly.

It used to only work via a serial connection to [I believe] port A. Once it stopped working, I've gone back to trying to use a connected Sun keyboard and PC monitor via adapter.

This morning, I have the cover off. When I power up the machine while holding Stop-N, I get a beep, the 4 lights flash on briefly and then off, I then hear the [CPU?] fan come up and then shut down. The power light on the front of the machine never comes on. This is the typical behavior.

If I leave it plugged in [or is it plugged in and turned on?] for a while, eventually, the front power LED will light -- takes a few days, though.


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