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Ultra 10 assistance


Can anyone give me some guidance on this, please?

I have a Sun Ultra 10 with 440Mhz processor. It has an older installation of Debian testing installed on it. I'm trying to revive it to see if I can begin contributing to the project.

When I first got the machine, it worked well for some time, but one day it stopped working. It has been powered off ever since.

The other day, I decided to try out the machine again. When powered on, I get a beep and hear the hard drive spin up, but if I look on the front of the machine, the power led on front is off. If I leave the machine plugged in for a couple of days, the power light will come on and I can shut off the machine and power it back up successfully. The machine will boot up to OBP and will work for a short time before locking up again. A physical power-off / power-on cycle and again the front power light is off.

I believed the issue to be the NVRAM/TOD chip, but replacing it has not changed anything. I have swapped the power supply, removed all PCI cards, and the machine continues to have some limited activity as above, but without the power light illuminated, it will not do anything visible -- i.e. nothing on the attached monitor.

Does anyone have suggestions as to the cause?

Thank you.


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