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Re: debian unusable on niagara


Now that the discussion has deteriorated to this silly and pointless level,
I don't want to quote any particular part.

Jurij, please don't ignore Dave just because he vented frustration in bug
reports. People do that, such is life. Dave, don't expect Jurij to blindly
trust your judgement. People don't do that, such is life.

The core pattern of these bug reports has been the simple fact that the
Debian kernel differs from the upstream kernel (first the X.org-related
patch, then the default kconfig). There doesn't appear to be any technical
reason for them to diverge (so much to cause bugs), so it looks like we
simply need to communicate more efficiently. That isn't going to happen if
we allow the communication to be either inexistant or based on accusations
and threats. So I suggest that we get some simple diffing done between the
two pieces of software as a basis for documenting any differences, or making
modifications so that they converge.

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