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Re: SILO problems while installing lenny beta2

Jurij Smakov wrote:

Have anyone tried to install on a sparc box using lenny beta2 installer images? My installation is hanging on "Configuring SILO", apparently because it prompts (without using debconf) for a confirmation about installing SILO configuration. Can anyone please confirm this behaviour? I can't see any relevant changes neither to the SILO package's postinst nor installer's silo-installer package, so I'm not even sure how it worked previously.


Just out of curiosity, did the disk used to have Solaris on it?
If so, can you try another disk that never had Solaris installed
on it?

I've been having issues lately with a few boxes that refuse to
recognize disk under Debian that were previously Solaris disks.
I've even tried 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s2 bs=512
count=100' to knock out the first few sectors but to no avail.


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