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RE: Netra X1 install problem/oddity


I'm working from memory here but I vaguely remember having a similar
problem some time ago. I seem to remember that the kernel module and
blacklist files are built into the initrd/initramfs files. I think that
you need to regenerate that to get the changes to work during boot.

I cannot easily get access to my X1 at the moment so I cannot check
myself - sorry.


On Mon, 2008-06-02 at 07:53 -0700, Gary W. Smith wrote:
> Steve, 
> Thanks for the follow up on this.  I did the echo trick but it still
> didn't work.  I also did remove dmfe.ko and then issue depmod -a to
> rebuild the catalog but it still loads the module.  It seems like this
> module is in the kernel or something.  Anyway, I'll play around with
> it a little more.  In a worse case scenario, I'll script something on
> startup.
> Gary
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> From: Steve Haavik [mailto:shaavik@soc.lib.md.us]
> Sent: Mon 6/2/2008 4:25 AM
> To: Gary W. Smith
> Cc: Martin Habets; debian-sparc@lists.debian.org
> Subject: RE: Netra X1 install problem/oddity
> I've still got a few Netra X1's running.
> From my notes:
> First thing after booting the tftpimage jump to a shell and:
> modprobe -r dmfe
> modprobe -r tulip
> modprobe tulip
> Then you can continue the install.
> After it reboots to the new system:
> echo 'blacklist dmfe' > /etc/modprobe.d/dmfe-blacklist
> If all else fails you could track down and delete dmfe.ko but you'd
> have
> to remember to do that after every kernel upgrade. The above method
> worked
> fine on my production boxes.
Richard Mortimer <richm@oldelvet.org.uk>

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