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[Re: Linux boot hangs]

Frans Pop <elendil <at> planet.nl> writes:

> Alexander Vlasov wrote:
> > I tried installer with debian-installer/framebuffer=false, but seems it
> > still uses framebuffer.
> Just fb=false should work as well.
> You could also try booting with BOOT_DEBUG=3. That will give you a debug
> shell at the earliest possible point. If the crash still happens, it's
> definitely a kernel or hardware issue.
> Did you try pulling the new video card, or disabling it with a kernel
> parameter?

No idea how to disable videocard via kernel parameter, so I pulled it out of
computer. With one videocard it boots and installs fine. Due to my mistake
shiny new features, I made my Solaris Nevada build 90 unbootable, so I didn't
had much time to play with Linux ;)
But hopefully I'll try once again -- would working kernel boot with two
cards or
not? And I'll try to finally make a screenshot of this panic.

This has happened to me with a variety of Sun machines with two video
cards installed.  Usually, when I take out the secondary card, the system
will install and boot fine.  After I install, I'll put the other card back
in and make sure xorg uses the new video driver and all is well.
Hope you get it working!


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