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Re: How to Send BREAK signal from Minicom to Ultra5?

Op 06-03-2008 om 03:54 schreef Ivan Kabaivanov:
> On Thursday 06 March 2008, beeej wrote:
> > Hi, I am attempting to gain console access to my Ultra5/ttyb from
> > Ubunutu/Minicom.
> > I have connected from my Desktop USB --> USB converter --> Serial
> > Cable --> Null Modem --> Ultra5/ttyb.
> >
> Do you have a real serial port on that machine?  Get USB out of the equation.  
> I have a serial cable+null modem connected to ttya on a Sunfire280r, blade100 
> and an ultra enterprise2 and ctrl+a+f always works.

And most likely on ttya.

About documenting succes:
At Sparc side I use ttya, the 25-pins connector,
at the other side a real[1] serialport
and inbetween 9600baud 8N1

Geert Stappers
[1] 'real' as in "not a USB to serial convertor"

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