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Re: serial port OK prompt

Op 06-03-2008 om 01:17 schreef beeej:
> >
> > Within minicom, my serial line terminal, I did send the break signal.
> > I was expecting to get the OK prompt, but didn't get it.
> >
> > What is the way to get to the OK prompt
> > when the console is a serial terminal?
> >
> Hi, did you get this working?

Yes. ( http://lists.debian.org/debian-sparc/2008/01/msg00044.html )

> I am also not able to send a break signal to my ultra5 from minicom.
> i see output from the console and watch teh solaris system booting up
> but cannot stop the process with ALT-A-F sequence as per minicom
> guide.

FYI: I estimate that my break signal from minicom comes in about nine
out of ten tries through.

> also im not sure that the input is setup correctly as i dont get
> output from keyboard. ie at Solaris Login Prompt, when i attempt to
> key in the username, the console responds to what looks like a
> carriage return and i cannot see what i type.
> any help much appreciated.

I assume a mismatch in parity and/or word size.

> beej

Geert Stappers

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