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How to Send BREAK signal from Minicom to Ultra5?

Hi, I am attempting to gain console access to my Ultra5/ttyb from
I have connected from my Desktop USB --> USB converter --> Serial
Cable --> Null Modem --> Ultra5/ttyb.

With bps settings of 9600 8N1, I can successfully see the Solaris
Output from Minicom.
However, I cannot send a BREAK signal to the Ultra5 to reach the OK
I have tried Ctrl-A F as Minicom sugegsts, but this does not work.
I notice there are a number of people who have had this problem but I
cannot find a solution!

Secondly, Im not sure if my input-device is setup correctly.  At every
key stroke I hit during the bootup of Solaris, the console responds
with what looks like a carriage return.  I do not see any letters I
type on the console.
Even once Solaris is booted up at the Login prompt, When I attempt to
enter a username, the console returns what looks like a carriage
return at every key I hit.
Both input/output-device at the OpenBoot is set to ttyb and all other
settings are as Default.

Any Help Much Appreciated!!


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