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Re: esp_scsi in the installer doesnt' detect disks


As far as I know, the ESP driver is still broken.  Somebody on the
Aurora list said they may be able to have a go at fixing it, but I
haven't heard anything since.  I have the same problems with my
Sparcstation 20.  One suggestion could be that you do an install
across the network, from another machine, or install Sarge, then do a

Unfortunately due to various problems associated with ESP, I am
currently using OpenBSD.  It went straight on my machine, but I don't
know how to configure it, and it's not GNU/Linux!

I look forward to ESP being fixed.  Unfortunately I don't have the
skills to contribute, myself.



On 17/10/2007, Nick Schmalenberger <nick@schmalenberger.us> wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to use the 2007-10-16 daily build installer on my Ultra/1 and esp_scsi does
> not detect my drives and the 2007-06-15 installer does detect. When the
> installer gets to detecting disks, it loads all the ide modules but not
> scsi and console 4 says "Missing Modules 'ide-core (Linux IDE support),
> esp (ESP SCSI), usb-storage (USB storage), floppy (Linux floppy),
> ide-floppy (Linux IDE floppy)". Then it probes the floppy drive. If I
> load esp_scsi, either on the commandline or in the disk not detected
> dialog, then scsi_mod and scsi_transport_spi are also loaded, but still
> no drives are detected. Loading sd_mod or sr_mod doesn't detect anything
> either. Is anybody else having problems with the esp driver in the
> installer?
> Also, with the 2007-06-15 it won't let me install testing or
> unstable because no modules are available matching the kernel in that
> installer. Is that the latest lenny installer thats not the daily build?
> Thanks, Nick Schmalenberger
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Reasons why you may want to try GNU/Linux:


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