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esp_scsi in the installer doesnt' detect disks

I tried to use the 2007-10-16 daily build installer on my Ultra/1 and esp_scsi does
not detect my drives and the 2007-06-15 installer does detect. When the
installer gets to detecting disks, it loads all the ide modules but not
scsi and console 4 says "Missing Modules 'ide-core (Linux IDE support),
esp (ESP SCSI), usb-storage (USB storage), floppy (Linux floppy),
ide-floppy (Linux IDE floppy)". Then it probes the floppy drive. If I
load esp_scsi, either on the commandline or in the disk not detected
dialog, then scsi_mod and scsi_transport_spi are also loaded, but still
no drives are detected. Loading sd_mod or sr_mod doesn't detect anything
either. Is anybody else having problems with the esp driver in the

Also, with the 2007-06-15 it won't let me install testing or
unstable because no modules are available matching the kernel in that
installer. Is that the latest lenny installer thats not the daily build?
Thanks, Nick Schmalenberger

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