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debian-installer sparc - "reset silo" installer behaviour.

I worked hard on that Subject: line.

A co-worker recently dumped a Sun U-30 on me.  I've had OpenSolaris
installed and running on it and Debian stable.  It may be suffering
from a bad disk.  I haven't had it up long enough to determine what's
going on there.

The meat is, the installer menus I saw in expert mode didn't say that
silo really needed to rewrite the partition table RIGHT NOW.  Once I
finally (autopartitioning) told it to do the partitioning itself, it
screamed just that.

That's the problem I've been having.  How to reset silo to square one?
That's only offered in "Guided Partitioning."

That may not be very clear.

  i. In guided ptning, I'm TOLD that silo's got to do this (fix ptn table).

 ii. In expert, I see no way to do this (silo-->square-one).

Just a head's up.  A bit of a nit, but I've got enough problems trying
to figure out which of its five scsi devices are sick.  This is a
wishlist bug if anything.  If I manage to get the thing up, I'll
consider filing it.

Of course, it's entirely possible it's there and I missed it.  It
hasn't been up long enough to tell.

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