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Re: How to use a serial console on Ultra 1?


Booting to serial console is just an alternative. If you want to verify your hardware before you install Linux, you can just boot up your Ultra 1 with Solaris Installation CD. You should be able to verify your keyboard/video/hard disk at minimum.

As far as console, minicom works really well from Linux or tip if you have another Solaris box. Just be sure you are using a null modem cable with 8N1 (8 bit/No parity/1 stop bit) setting at 9600 baud.


John Zbesko wrote:
Thank you for your reply. What I haven't found is instruction on what
software to use to actually make the connection. I could use an example,
like, open a terminal on the laptop, run minicom (?), set minicom to
vt100 emulation, "connect" to the com port, etc.

I would not be so noobie-like, if everything were working fine, but if
I'm trying to diagnose a problem, then I need to determine if something
is broken, rather than learning how to use a serial logon. Any
suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated.

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