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Help with Linux on sparc64 (Ultra 45)

Hi. I have a Sun Ultra 45 (hardware works, Solaris loads fine) and I've tried (unsuccessfully) to install
some kind of Linux distribution on it.
I've tried Debian netinst (both stable and testing), but after boot the keyboard stops working (It only has USB
Booting from the serial console, It hangs with the following message:
su: Cannot register IRQ 1
I've tried Gentoo (universal), Ubuntu and Aurora but they either have the same problem or fail to boot entirely.

The machine can netboot (note: If you want to netboot a Sun machine, use Debian's tftpd and not Fedora Core), and I can reach the 'choose language' menu (but no keyboard input). So it seems to me I can put the hard drive in a normal PC and 'dump' a debian sparc unto it. Is there a manual for this kind of installation?

Has anyone had any luck with this particular machine?
What binary distribution has the best support for Sun machines?
Can anyone help me?

Nadav Shemer

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