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Re: Retiring the sparc32 port

andrew holway wrote:
> I'm sure that this will be an unwelcome comment but I'm just wondering
> why there is all this interest in this, and please excuse my naivety,
> relativity ancient technology. Considering the commercial market is
> moving very quickly away from 32bit arch and Debians obvious interest
> in remaining a competitive commercial contender, what is the interest?
> is this hobbyism?

Somewhat. There is also the necessity that some organizations don't have
an IT budget, and have to take donations, or make the best with what
they have. SS20's do a good enough job serving up web-pages and handling
some simple database work. Perfectly fine for a church or a school that
doesn't get Microsoft donations. Sparc hardware is also pretty well
designed (though kinda a pain in the butt to work with, compared to a
brand new Dell and such). Thing is, I still am using the same Sparc 5's,
10's and 20's that I was using in 1994, and they have been running with
the original parts, even hard-drives.


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