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USB mouse and keyboard

I have a Tatung CompStation10 and a Sun U10 I added USB cards to. 
lspci and lsusb both recognize the cards.  I have the ATI card in the
U10 and have a PCX64 that I can add to the Tatung.  I run a KVM and
the U10 works fine for video as long as I have a i386 computer
running with the keyboard and mouse plugged in.

My problem is I need a keyboard and mouse plugged into each Sun. 
This can get confusing as I get the right information going to the
wrong computer.  It also eats a lot of desktop space.  I have 2 more
Sun computers I would like to get on line.

If I get USB adapters for the mouse and keyboard, will I be able use
them with the U10 and the KVM?


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