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Re: AW: [sun]debian

On Thursday 14 June 2007 01:25, Jurzitza, Dieter wrote:
> Hi folks,
> in case of U60 I can only confirm what Steve said, U60 is a great box for
> installing Debian. To connect a "normal" PC-Style monitor to your system
> you might want to consider a Raritan Sun VGA-Converter 13W3-> D-Sub 15.
> Saves lots of headaches (though you won't get it for free). It is called
> Adapter:1395. Hope this helps,
> take care

Good day,

Dieter's suggestion is a good extra option.  I've also been able to use 
13W3-to-HD15 adapters to make PC multisync monitors work on Suns.   

This was painful until I learned to set the Sun video card's resolution to 
1024x768 at a 70-76 Hz refresh rate before trying the PC monitor.  The Suns 
were sending a video resolution (1120x900 at over 75 Hz refresh?) that was 
outside the syncing capability of every HD15 multisync monitor I had.

-- SP

> Dieter
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