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Re: [sun]debian

On Wednesday 06 June 2007 05:23, Eric Rapilly wrote:
> I have some questions, may be you wille be able to answer me. I will
> receive soon a sun ultra 60;
> But there is few memory. I want to know which kind of RAM is installed
> on the motherboard: is it ECC SDRAM or NVRAM?

U60 is a great box to run Debian!

I assume that you're talking about main RAM, not the tiny amount of 
nonvolatile memory used to store system configuration.

The needed RAM modules are specific to only a few Sun models.  One reference 
for the RAM part numbers for Ultra 60's is:


> What is the video connector : sub -D 15 or 13w3 ?

An Ultra 60 has two "UPA" type slots for video cards.  Every UPA type video 
card I've seen has a 13W3 connector.  The UPA cards I have in U60's are 
called "Creator" and "Elite".

It should be possible to use certain Sun PCI video cards in Ultra 60's, and 
the Sun PCI video card I have (from an Ultra 5; not tried in U60) has HD15.

> where could I find the  latest Debian ETCH for sparc ?

My last install a couple of weeks ago on an Ultra 5 used a "businesscard" CD 
image from:


"businesscard" requires that you have a fast internet connection since most of 
the required Debian packages are downloaded individually.  "netinst" images 
have more packages inside the .iso image and need to use the internet less.

-- enjoy! SP

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