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Re: [hardware-donations] Sun Enterprise 4500 and Netra T4, USA

On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 08:38:53PM +0200, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> > What are the specifications for that one?
> I'm not sure, but I'll put you in contact with the donor privately so
> you can check.


> > If it's sufficiently modern and beefed up, it might be worth
> > shipping it to a place with a fat pipe, but I've no idea if such a
> > thing is being practised. I could host it over here in Europe, if we
> > decided that kind of a trip was worth it.
> I doubt shipping to Europe is worth it,

We won't actually know unless we get some numbers. If we get charged e.g.
750 USD for shipping a large box overseas, that sounds expensive, but if
the overhead of finding such a machine and getting it to the right place
is large and takes a lot of time to get it online in a decent setting,
so large that nobody actually wants to bother, and no progress is made,
then those 750 USD were not worth saving.

> but it shouldn't be too hard to find hosting in California.  Maybe you
> want to check whether this box would be useful and whether someone can
> host it?

We don't have any sort of a database of hosting offers, do we?

If we don't, debian-admin should have received a fair few offers back when
they posted a public call for hosting of those two machines, so if that info
can be collected and verified again, it should be useful.

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