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Re: Major bug in mysql build (all versions since 4.1)

Frans Pop a écrit :
On Sunday 25 March 2007 19:18, BERTRAND Joël wrote:
	I use for a long time mysql server on several sparc64 workstations
running debian testing. I have to rebuild mysql when I need to upgrade
these systems. Endeed, due to a bug in gcc, I have to rebuild the
debian package, and after configure stage, I stop the process, edit
config.h to undef :

This may sound weird, but: have you ever reported this as a bug against mysql or gcc? If you experience problems in Debian, the normal route is to file a bug report. In this case you could even justify making the bug report "release critical".

I have fill a bug report a long time ago. Indicated solution comes from this bug report, but it is not fixed in new packages.

If you have not, that would be a great pity as we are now very close to the release of Etch. You say that you have seen this "a long time", so there would have been time to fix it. I'm not sure if there is still time now...

See bug #334339 (wontfix). Bug was reported to mysql dev without success because dev have said that is a gcc-4.0 bug, not a mysql bug. Maybe, but I think it is not very difficult to fix the configure.in script to avoid this bug.



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