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Re: Installation manual updates -- still open

OK. Here is the list of issues that are still open.
Some help from the community with some of these would be much appreciated,


On Tuesday 03 October 2006 06:41, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> Chapter 2.4 - "Purchasing Hardware Specifically for GNU/Linux". This
> is probably not useful.

Agree, but I don't feel like adding an architecture condition now.

> Section links to "Linux for SPARC Processors FAQ", which was
> last updated in 2003. Is it still useful? Any newer sources of
> information?

Well, quite a lot of HW is from around that time or older.
If anyone knows a more current source, that would be welcome.

> Section 3.3.2 mentions "BIOS setup screens of your computer". Can
> we replace it with something about PROM, which would be more relevant?

Yes, that would definitely be worthwhile. Are there many differences 
between subarches or is OpenProm basically the same for all Suns?

> It would be good to list the archives of debian-sparc list as a source
> of information, perhaps with a specific query for the search engine
> (like 'foo bar site:lists.debian.org inurl:debian-sparc).

Would be good in general. There already is at least one reference to the 
list now though (for subscription, not the archives).

> 3.5.1 mentions the 1GB magic boundary -- silo will sometimes refuse to
> boot the kernel, if it is physically located beyond the 1GB from the
> start of the disk. I believe, however that this applies only to
> sparc32 machines, is that correct?

Anyone know this?

> 3.5.1 also mentions that silo can boot from romfs, I don't think it's
> true.

Or this?

> 3.6.2 talks about the need to set different environment variables,
> depending on the OpenBoot version. Probably worth to mention the 'show
> .version' command to display this version. Also, I believe that neither
> of machines we support is still using OpenBoot 1.x, so we can just
> remove instructions for these versions. It also mentions 'eeprom'
> command on Solaris, this command is available in Debian too, as a part
> of sparc-utils package.

> 4.4.1: check that .enet-addr command really returns the MAC address of
> the network card. Also it should be verified somehow that *all*
> commands still work on newer Solaris versions (anybody with a working
> Solaris system?)

Both skipped for now.

> 5.1.3: Note about broken firmware for Ultra 10 - is it relevant
> anymore?

No idea. Guess it could be for someone who gets an old box with very old 
firmware from the scrapyard and tries Debian on it...
Anyway, the references are still valid so I've left it in.

> 5.1.4: How relevant is Sun NVRAM FAQ linked from this section for us?

Any comments?

> 5.2: What is the command to set the console to selected framebuffer
> (given that more than one is available?). Will console=/dev/fb0 work?
> Last sentence should mention that the serial devices designators ttya
> and ttyb are valid in PROM only.

Hmm. If that could work for the dual card issue...
I doubt that console=/dev/fb0 would do it, but you never know.

> C.5.1: check for accuracy.

AFAICT it is correct, but an extra check couldn't hurt.

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