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Re: Installation manual updates -- done

Hi Jurij,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to go through the whole manual.
I've gone through the issues and fixed a number of them; quite a few had 
already been fixed by changes since your review.

There are also a few issues in this mail that are not yet fixed, but that 
could be fixed really easily if I can get the correct info or a second 

I'll follow up with issues that are still open in a separate mail.


On Tuesday 03 October 2006 06:41, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> Table in section 2.1.1 should list only sun4m, sun4u and sun4v as
> supported sparc flavours.


> Sections 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 are, in my opinion, redundant, and can be
> safely dropped. Information about supported graphics options and
> SMP support is included in the corrected version of the 2.1.2
> chapter.

Done based on your patch.

> In section 2.2.2: "CD-ROM based installation is supported for some
> architectures" - this statement is overly generic and redundant. May
> be removed?

Not sure. It kind of covers the fact that the statement be not be true for 
the arch for which the manual is being read. We could remove it if we had 
a "supports-cd" condition, which we currently don't.

> Chapter 2.2.6 contains the list of supported SCSI devices. Does this
> list only includes the drivers included in initrd? Probably needs to
> be updated.

It probably makes more sense to just replace it with a generic statement 
that says "all SCSI devices supported by the kernel are supported", and 
maybe list any SUN specific devices (as I've done for networking in 
current version on alioth [1]).

Can you suggest something quickly?

> Also, in section 2.4.2 "Fake or Virtual Parity 
> RAM" there is a sentence "f you want complete information on SPARC
> RAM issues, and what is the best RAM to buy, see the PC Hardware FAQ",
> linking to the PC Hardware FAQ. I very much doubt that this FAQ
> contains any information on SPARC RAM.

Already removed.

> In chapter 2.5 the requirement of at least 32MB of RAM is listed. I
> think that should be bumped to 64MB (or someone should really confirm
> that install with 32 megs is possible).

Will test that tomorrow. 32 may still work actually. I'm not sure if I 
tested that for Sparc when I last did my lowmem tests.

> List of the supported network hardware in section 2.6 - needs to be
> updated.

Done, or at least changed. Could you check if any Sparc specific info is 
missing? Or maybe that should just be dropped?

> Chapter 3.4 lists recommended minimum system requirements, and "no
> desktop" option mentions 24MB. That does not agree with section 2.5
> and I really doubt that you can install with 24MB. Anyone volunteers
> to check?

See comment above. Inconsistency well spotted, will update.

> Somewhere around here the bug in parted (probably) should be mentioned,
> which leads to misdetection of disk sizes, if the machine has a disk
> label created by Solaris. Recreating the disk label with Debian will
> *not* resolved it, the only way to work around it so far is to dd the
> first few kilobytes of the affected drive with zeros. Bug 384653, for
> example. Anybody can try and reproduce it and provide debugging
> information?

Mentioned now in:

> Links to "Sun Openboot Reference" in 3.6.2 does not work anymore, needs
> to be updated.

Google gave me this link; updated. Is that correct?

> There is a stray dot at the start of the line "In older revisions..."
> in 3.6.2.


> Not sure what to do with section 3.6.3, pretty confident that this
> information is irrelevant for sparc.

Cleaned out old cruft. The para is now no longer printed for Sparc.

> 4.4.4/4.4.5: default package providing tftp server is tftpd. Default
> directory from which the images are served is /srv/tftp, needs to be
> updated.

Section was partially updated recently and better explains how to check 
for location used.
For tftpd-hpa (which is recommended), the default is /var/lib/tftpboot. 
What do you use?

> A bit more explanation about how image names are constructed?
> On my system the requested file name is logged in /var/log/daemon.log,
> for example:
> Sep 28 19:16:25 debian tftpd[3620]: tftpd: trying to get file:
> C0A8016E.SUN4M Sep 28 19:16:25 debian tftpd[3620]: tftpd: serving file
> from /srv/tftp

For me it is 0A134205. I think this is adequately explained I've added a 
suggestion to check the log.

> Also, 'boot net' or 'boot net-tpe' has always worked for me, is
> mentioned syntax 'boot net my-sparc.image' is still used?

'boot net' works for me too. However, this para only suggests how to 
_force_ the image name, not what the regular command is.
I have added this in the new text.

What does 'boot net-tpe' different from 'boot net'?

> 5.1.1: Drop information relevant for older OpenBoot revisions.
> 5.1.2: Ditto.

Both done.

> Also, in my experience booting from CD-ROM on sun4m 
> simply does not work (it would boot, but when it comes to mounting the
> CD-ROM, any attempt to read the CD aborts with an error). Hendrik
> originally reported it in 382990.

This is listed in errata. removed here.

> 5.1.3: Drop sun4c information.


> 5.1.3: Where should the information about various bugs which might
> prevent booting from CD-ROM go?

Should go in "Troubleshooting section in this chapter. But I guess we've 
already covered that.

> 5.2.1: Drop the footnote [2], relevant only for 2.4 kernels. Graphical
> installer is not supported on sparc, so directfb/hw-accel installer
> parameter is irrelevant.

Both already done.

> 5.3: Usefult troubleshooting tips for sparc: typically high refresh
> rates, not supported by all monitors; turning one graphics card off
> using something like 'video=atyfb:off'. Problems booting from CD-ROM. I
> also have a machine with two framebuffer cards now, will try to play
> with this configuration (the "hang" after "Booting Linux" problem).
> Some info on redirecting the console in prom might be useful too.

Already done; see current 5.3.4. A check could be useful.

> check the sparc-specific note about USB keyboards for
> accuracy. Anyone has USB keyboard experience with the recent installer?

Hmm. Don't see anything like that. Is probably already gone.

[1] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.sparc/

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