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Re: Installation manual updates -- still open

On Sun, 31 Dec 2006, Frans Pop wrote:

3.5.1 mentions the 1GB magic boundary -- silo will sometimes refuse to
boot the kernel, if it is physically located beyond the 1GB from the
start of the disk. I believe, however that this applies only to
sparc32 machines, is that correct?

Anyone know this?

Early Sparc32 machines assume an early disk VTOC limitation. The root filesystem must be on the first slice and no slice should exceed 2Gb. This is an OBP issue. The only cure is to put the root (including /boot) filesystem on the first slice and limit its size to 1024Mb. AFAIK this only affects Sun4C machines which may not work with 2.6 kernels anyway.

5.1.4: How relevant is Sun NVRAM FAQ linked from this section for us?

Any comments?

Most older machines will have expired NVRAM batteries which should be fixed using this FAQ before attempting to install an operating system.
Probably the most frequent problem with older machines.

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