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Re: Running X with Sun Mono-Sync Monitor

Your settings look within range. However, I am assuming the GDM17e10 is just the GDM20d10 with a smaller tube, and I don't know this for sure. Extra comments inline.

On 24 Jul 2006, at 20:15, Earl Violet wrote:

I have a Sun GDM 17E10 monitor that only supports 1152x900
resolution. I have the Creator video card. The computer is a Tatung

I have Debian sarge 3.1r0a. I tried the sunffb video driver and found
it supports the card, a Creator 3D series 3. However I cannot find
the monitor resolution supported by Xfree86.

I've read all sorts of dire warnings about blowing up my monitor so
am proceding with caution. That is why I am checking my logic before
I procede.

In my experience the Sun Sony monitors are incredibly resilient - I did terrible things to my GDM20d10 and it still works perfectly. It has the same specs that you quote for your GDM17e10 - I assume it's just a different tube with the same boards.

This is the information I have so far from the Sun website for the
GDM 17E10
1152x900 @ 76 Hz (default)
1152x900 @ 66 Hz

Re. what I said above, I ran the GDM20d10 at 640x480x32@160Hz, 800x600x32@120Hz, and 1024x768x32@100Hz, which I stuck with for a year with no problems. This was using a utility called Powerstrip from a windows PC that shared the monitor with my Sparcs. (A capacitor combined the separate syncs from the card in the PC.) I think I could get to 90Hz in 1152x900x32. The only choice for 1280x1024 was 60Hz. It would also do weird resolutions like 540xsomething.

Like your monitor, non of these resolutions (except 1152x900x32@66/76Hz) were quoted in the documentation.

I have the following information from other monitor listings and am
guessing this will also work for my monitor:
1152x900 @ 66 Hz/61.84KHz
1152x900 @ 76 Hz/76.14KHz
width = 322 mm; height = 235 mm (I measured this off the opening

I've got these written down for the GDM20d10. I don't know where I found them. I suspect the higher limit on vert was raised by me after I found the 640x480x32@160Hz.
	horiz sync range: 30.0KHz - 98.0KHz
	vert sync range:  50.0Hz - 160Hz

From what I gather this should be enough information to get me
started if I enter these parameters in the configuration file. Am I
on the right track?


BTW. I noticed something else I had written down next to the above stuff, you may know it already but thought I'd mention it: 13w3 cables seem very susceptible to interference for some reason - I had a bad shaky picture for ages and I did actually think I'd broke the monitor. As it turned out, it was due to a small PSU lying near the cable.

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