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Re: Debian Sparc and IDE Pascal Lazarus

There is only a i386 package in experimental.
i dont know if  a) it builds clean now under i386 and B) if it is
possible to build it under sparc and c) if it can be backported.

So if somebody have the time he/she can try it. but nobody can garantyou
that it will work.

Will try later to build.

Andrea Modesto Rossi <rossi@ariadne.it> writes:

> i install with success Lazarus on my PC(Intel P4) but i've a 
> problem to do install Lazarus on my Ultra Sparc 5 with Debian Sarge3.1 
> stable.
> I've a Ultra Sparc with 40Gb of Hard disk and 256Mb of Ram.I work with this 
> machine but i'm unable to install Lazarus . 
> Is there a .deb packages that i can install it with  apt-get install 
> lazarus  ????or-else,is there another solution??
> With the source pkg i can't install the program because make don't workmthere 
> are same error(with i386 and make clan all the situation is egual,the same 
> error).
> It's important for to work with PASCAL/Lazarus...
> Thanks for all.
> Andrea

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