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Re: keyboard not found...

On Friday 14 July 2006 05:21, Jiann-Ming Su wrote:
> Thanks for the tip!  I went through the installation process again,
> but this time I wasn't prompted to select which kernel to install.
> I've seen this type of behavior on Debian installation processes in
> the past.  Strange.

The installer can work on 4 different "priority" levels (same as debconf 
on an installed system):
- critical: only most essential questions are shown
- high: the default mode
- medium: some additional questions are shown (including kernel selection)
  and the main installation menu is shown between each step
- low: same as "expert" mode, all possible questions are shown

Default installation is "high", but if an error occurs, the priority is 
automatically lowered to medium. I think that is what probably happened.

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