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Re: Debian Linux for SPARC

On Friday 14 July 2006 12:52, Phil Grimshaw wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to get in touch with folk who are interested in Debian
> Linux for SPARC.
> I have some issues which I am wrestling with re going the step beyond
> the base Debian install via the net and the documentation to hand is
> very very weak.
> Look forward to being able to share experiences about the 'joy' of Linux
> on SPARC.
> cheers
> phil
> www.grimshaw.net.au
> 0439-722-864

Not knowing exactly what your dilemma is I am not sure why or how the 
documentation has failed you, or why a search engine hasn't brought you the 
answer from a debian user's blog or forum post etc. It doesn't matter much, 
just a frayed knot to be picked at.

This list is a fantastic place for debian sparc questions. I am sure people 
are willing to assist you in diagnosing whatever problems your are 
experiencing and archive the result in this mail list for future sparc users 
to browse. So on with the show !

Hamish Greig

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