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Re: problem reinstalling solaris10

On Tuesday 20 June 2006 12:57, Tobias Marx wrote:
> hi!
> so i want to reinstall solaris 10, which was running on that machine
> before.
> problem is, that installing with the same dvd, that i used before,
> stopps with "can't find harddrive".
> can it be that this is caused by grub and the linux partitions on that
> drive?
> and if yes, how to remove them?
> thanks,
> Tobias

If I remember the last time I did this - about 15 mnths ago - problem was due 
to invalid Solaris disk labels (i.e. non existent because installing Linux 
removed them!) on the disks.

I found (from Sun Solaris on-line reference) that these labels need to be 
recreated for Solaris to recognise the disk and then proceed with installs.

Way I did this was to *start* install from Solaris CD disk 1. At the point it 
reports no disk, you can abort process but it leaves you with a console 
window. Use this to enter the Solaris FORMAT utility (it doesn't just 
format!). This can create the labels - then restart the entire install 
process from 'STOP-A ;BOOT CDROM etc'
You MUST read/print off the Solaris on-line reference for the FORMAT utility 
from www.Sun.com - this gives lots of info on recovering SCSI disks also. 

Sorry if this sounds like RTFM but there's just too much info in the Sun docs 
to reproduce but it is very readable. I managed it - and I knew nothing about 

Hope this helps


John White
Altrincham UK

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