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Re: Please test new SILO - problems with CDROM booting may be fixed

* Jurij Smakov (jurij@wooyd.org) wrote:
> David Miller has just posted a silo fix, addressing the long-standing 
> problem of it being unable to boot the system from CDROM on a variety of 
> hardware. So if you've got a machine which dies with 'Fast Data Access 
> MMU Miss', or 'FP Disabled', or 'Illegal instruction' while trying to boot
> from CDROM, please try the iso image at
> http://www.wooyd.org/debian/silo/sparc-mini.iso
> It features the patched-up silo, and might work for you. Please report 
> your experiences to the list.

Finally!  This booted up to "Booting Linux..." for me, making it *much*
farther than previous SILO's.  No 'MMU Miss' error!  This was on my
SunFire v880 (which had always previously given an 'MMU Miss' error).
I'm guessing it probably did boot the kernel and just ended up finding
the video card, so I'll have to pop by the lab sometime and see what's
on the screen. :)



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