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Re: booting ultra 1

Oh, man, what havent I tried :)

I guess this is not as simple as a command to tell the thing where to find the next piece of code it needs to boot? Surely there is someone with an Ultra 1 that has run into this! The iso just posted to this list gave some different startup messages, and looked promising, but then barfed like the rest.

Am I putting myself through needless pain? Is it just uncool to use anything but an i386?


On Jun 19, 2006, at 12:50 AM, Hamish Greig wrote:

On Monday 19 June 2006 14:38, Matthew Pease wrote:
Yeah, that was one of the many things I tried. Hitting tab give me a
couple options, linux and rescue. I get nowhere with either, nor do I
get anywhere with hitting enter. My tries either bring me back to the
silo prompt, or all the way back to the ok prompt.


You seem to have done more than your initial email suggested, that's good. Please list what you have done, so no-one offers it as advise and reproduce
any messages here that you see before it returns to ok prompt.

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