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Re: Xorg 7 on sparc64


2 days, 15 hours, 43 minutes, 47 seconds ago, 
Martin Marques wrote:
> A couple of months ago I tried upgrading my XFree86 to Xorg On my U5 with that ATI video card. The result is that the whole workstation freezes, and I have to turn it off (reset boton doesn't work in this case). What I'm sure is that it wasn't Xorg 7.0 (6 something).

I used to use Xorg 6.9 from `unstable' on my U5 and it ran flawlessly.
This is weird since Xorg 7.0 is described as no more than 6.9 + the
GNU build framework [0].


[0] http://x.org/

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